Launching Summer 2014. YAY!!!!!

Launching Summer 2014. YAY!!!!!

"Living Just enough, just enough, for the city."

S. Wonder, 1974.

Mother Mapping "Home" in Harlem, Oct 2011

One of my favorite audio moments with my mother. 


Just really sunk my teeth into the work and voice of multi-media artist, SONIA BOYCE

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Excerpt of Carey Byrd’s biographical sketch. In this audio clip, Carey shares is his career work as an accountant, after his time in the military, and bit about his “knowings”.

QuYahni D. Lewis  ⎢ LISTEN.

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Excerpt of my conversation with writer/poet and mother, QuYahni Lewis, for the series, Conversations on Race & Racism: Documenting Black Girlhood. This clip spotlights QuYahni’s journey in writing from girlhood to a daily healing practice - from journaling to writing poetry. 

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Christopher P. Moore is the Curator and Research Historian for the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. He is also the writer of the documentary film The African Burial Ground: An American Discovery, which chronicles the rediscovery of a major repository of African American and New York history that had been forgotten for centuries.

This excerpt is from an interview conducted on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 and highlights Chris’ introduction to the Schomburg Center and discovery of the African Burial Ground.